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The Natural Home Remedies for the Common Diseases and Illnesses The diseases and illnesses can cause the weakening and the deterioration of the physical body of all human beings, some of them can still be cured or prevented but other diseases or illnesses cannot for certain reason like they are already in the terminal stage or the scientist has not yet produced or discovered the cure and remedy for this certain diseases and illnesses. The abnormalities in the physical condition of the human body is called as diseases or illnesses which can mainly be caused by different kinds of pathogens such as bacterium, virus and any other microorganisms or can also be caused by the impairment of the human bodily systems especially the immune system that could affect some parts or the almost all of the parts of them human body. A disease can be differentiate as acute disease, chronic disease, incurable disease and terminal disease and can either be acquired or transmitted by the different ways like airborne which are transmitted via the air, non-communicable which is defined as non-transmissible or cannot be spread from one individual to another, infectious which is also known as communicable or contagious diseases, lifestyle in which the risk factors is caused by the unhealthy living and unhealthy food intake and lastly is foodborne which is also called as food poisoning in which foods are contaminated with toxins, viruses, bacteria, parasites and prions. Good thing is that there are people and scientists that discovers some natural remedies that could eventually prevent and cure some of the common illnesses and diseases which can be occasionally found at the kitchen or garden and is mostly used by other people without the knowledge that those ingredients for cooking and some plants can be used as medicines. One of the examples of the common diseases is called as Chlamydia which is also recognized as an STD or sexually transmitted diseases which is cause by a specific bacteria called as chlamydia trachomatis and can mostly be cured by taking antibiotics or other home remedies such as whole grains and beans, olive tree extract, cat’s claws, sage, garlic, Echinacea or coneflower and goldenseal. An occurrence wherein there are too much mucus in the sinus or nasal passages of an individual is an illness called as runny nose and is also known as one of the most common illness in all human beings and may be caused by the sudden change of weather, infections, allergies and common colds. There are also natural home remedies that are discovered which could help cure runny nose, such as steam, inhaling salt water, turmeric, mustard oil, garlic, ginger, honey, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, basil and cayenne pepper. The people who wanted to learn this kind of disease or people who are in need of this natural home remedies can find and learn it through the internet, since most of the people who made this kind of websites are posting health-related topics which intentions are to help and provide other people more knowledge about the diseases and the prevention and remedies.

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