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Different Types of Natural Skin Care Many people are turning to natural alternatives as they learn more about harmful ingredients in personal care items. The skin care products that are right for you may be hard to find in such a large market. Think about the following when making the switch to a new skin care product. First, you will need to determine what type of skin you have and the type product you want. It is also important to read through the ingredient list to be certain it doesn’t contain anything you may be allergic to. Always test new skin care products on a small area of skin before applying all over in the event that you are allergic to an ingredient that you were unaware of. To make a smart purchase, read the full description of the product to know what it is indicated for. Always use products as the directions read. Look for natural skin care products online, at your favorite department store or even in your own garden. The term “natural” is widely used without specific definition, so always check the ingredient list. If you choose to look to the internet to make your skin care purchase, read up on customer reviews to see what others think about certain products.
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Mother nature offers many great raw herbs for your skin care as well. Lavender is often used as a general purpose skin care ingredient because it is beneficial for skin ranging from oily to sensitive and even acne prone skin. Perhaps the most common skin care ingredient we know, aloe has great moisturizing properties and is recognized for its healing abilities. Rosemary is often used in facial products due to its astringent properties and ability to tone oily skin types.
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They are a lot of different ways fragrant herbs can be utilized for healthy skin. You can buy products with herbs already in them as well as make a salve or even take supplements of your herb of choice. Although there are many application types when it comes to natural skin care, most herbal specialists believe that fresh herbs contain the most health benefits. A great way to use fresh herbs for skin care is referred to as an herbal steam. For a simple facial steam you can place your herb of choice along with boiling water into a large bowl, hold head about a foot above bowl with a towel draped over so as to trap the steam for 10-15 minutes. Fresh herbs are often used in saunas as well for a whole body experience. You can also search online or at your local library for information about using fresh herbs at home. Natural skin care is important with all the potentially harmful ingredients used today. Before you buy, determine your skin type, be aware of allergies and always read the ingredient list.