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Indoor Plants to Purify the Air

The benefits of having indoor plants are many, one of them being their ability to clear the harmful chemicals in the air. some of them have high oxygen production capability. As part of your selection criteria, you need to know which conditions are the best for them to grow. These plants will also make the house look great by their presence.
The peace lily is one such plant that gives of lots of oxygen. This plant needs only a little care but shall give off pollen and floral scents to the house. It produces flowers in summer, and will work well in shady areas.
The Mother-in-Laws Tongue is a great plant since it grows well in dry conditions and is resilient.
You need to expose the Bamboo plant to lots of sun if you pick it. They grow large, which makes them efficient at air purification.
The Garden Mum is one of the best air purifiers there is. They are also popular, meaning you will see more of them around. You can also take it out to the garden once you are done with it indoors.
You can also grow the rubber plant in different temperature settings. You need to keep it simple in their maintenance. It also does not need much light to grow.
The dwarf date palm needs average sunlight to thrive. You can also count on it to remove chemicals from the air. Since it has some sharp pines at its base; you need to keep it away from kids and pets.
You can also rely on the Boston fern to do an excellent job removing formaldehyde from the air. You will, however, need to give it extra attention by watching the condition of the soil and its body.
You can also get the areca palm for removing harmful toxins near you. It is also perfect for dry climates since it gives off a lot of water vapor. When choosing one to buy, go for those with large trunks, since this plant grows up to 12 feet.
When you provide the right conditions, the Dracaena Janet Craig shall be around for decades. It needs a medium to low light areas. It is the best for efficiently getting rid of trichloroethylene from the air.
The Ficus Alii plant is better at keeping insects away from it. It will efficiently remove harmful toxins from the air. It needs minimal watering, and to stay away from AC units.
When you head out to buy these plants, you need to be keen on the size of the plant you have chosen, the amount of light in your house, and what irrigation system you will get. You could read more here on what to do to them.
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